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Rock`n roll Influencer

               Since I began the journey of making my brand KON2RE heard, I`ve been thinking of linking it with someone who possess the essential vision of creative concept we got going on.  As the mere word Kon2re says it describes some form of the outside, at the edge, surrounding us in all forms whether it`s nature, art or people. In the end it can be applied to all aspects of design. So, I was looking for someone with the ability of transformation, bit of sass and certain edge that separates her from the mass of familiar faces that surrounds us. Well, it came down to only one person for me; Kristina Šalinović - Croatian model, tattoo and rock`n roll lover and most recently a blogger of Fashion`n`Roll blog. We met online, of course, these days you think it`s the only way, but there it is. Very few things turn up the way you thought it would be, but I must say without any false modesty that she was exactly what I pictured her to be when setting this collaboration in motion; open minded, kind, totally cool and yes, beautiful. With her looks and rock personality I guess it was inevitable that she would be immersed in the spotlights of l`industrie da le mode
                She entered the fashion world with 19 with her short hair and androgynous look. Looking at her today, it`s a totally different look she`s sporting; shoulder auburn hair which gave her different calmer vibe and a few tattoos/piercings more. Her look as well as her personal style evolved with her age. She`s 25 now with a lot more mileage on the runway and 12 international Vogue shoots behind her. She walked the line of fashion most wanted; New York, Paris, Milan, London for numerous designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Narciso Rodriguez, Giles Deacon, Anna Sui, Thierry Mugler, Lanvin, Hermes, Kenzo, Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino Cheap & Chic, Mary Katrantzou, Missoni and the queen of them all, Chanel. So, you can say she pretty much covered it all and made a name for herself. 
             Well, we got the opportunity to have a glimpse of her world in the interview we had recently, where we chatted about KON2RE, fashion, tattoos, modelling, music, life in general.....

 Read the whole interview on our official Kon2re website

                                             Rock Queen for Woman Magazine, Karel Losenicky

                                       Rock Queen for Woman Magazine, Karel Losenicky

Vogue, France

A Frock And A Hard Place - Kristina Salinovic by Benjamin Lennox,
November 2010

A Frock And A Hard Place - Kristina Salinovic by Benjamin Lennox,
November 2010

Harper`s Bazaar by Federica Putelli, Ukraine, November 2014

Y-3 Fall/Winter 2011 Add campaign

Extra shot for Zoo magazine by Dancian, Hair and wig by Tomihiro Kono, 2011

Personal Best by Steven Meisel, Vogue Italia, Aapril 2011


               Vogue by Steven Meisel, april 2011                     Harper`s Bazaar Ukraine, November 2014


                 Femme Fatale by Glen Luchford,                           Personal best by Steven Meisel,
                       Vogue Paris, april 2012                                         Vogue Italia, april 2011


                                               Street style by Kristina Šalinović on the streets of Paris


Johnny Cash, Walk the line

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 Photo credits go to Kristina Šalinović
Official photos taken during the interview by Tomislav Mataić
We wish to thank the personnel from movie theater Europa for letting us use their  interior 

                                                               Written and edited by Melina Marelja