Saturday, February 22, 2014

Les petites mains.....


                      Anyone who ever dangled in the fashion industry knows that making the designers vision come to life lies in the every single member of the ateliers who painstakingly labor to create things of such lyrical beauty that it often looks like a human hand barely ever touched them. Very few designers appreciate and acknowledged them and it takes a true and honest visionary to do so. Besides the revolutionary founder of house Dior, Christian Dior, RAF SIMONS is definitively one of them. With his exquisite spring 2014 couture he honored all that les petites mains DO at Dior.  So this was a collection staged as a show for those who actually made the collection, allowing them to see their considerable efforts live and breathe before them. Simons might have bounded out to take the bow at the finale, but really what he was doing was saying, “Everyone at Dior, this one’s for you.” In the pictures below you can enjoy the meticulous work of wizards behind the scene and beauty of making something from nothing. Lightness, the dimensionality and the levels of craftsmanship can be considered as the true trademarks and couture message for this exquisite collection. Dior once said; "...simplicity, good taste and grooming are three fundamentals of good dressing.." Well, be daring, be different and only move forward can definitively add to that  list in the 21 century along with Raf Simons.






        All of this exquisite Raf Simons collection for Dior Spring 2014 can be seen on our facebook page;

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