Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Music is my BFF

                          I guess everyone has a story to tell when concerning music, lyrics, rhythm...... And whether it`s a good one or a  bad one, it`s sure as hell is a story worth mentioning. Well, what music did for me sounds more than just words, but since you can`t get a ticket for a ride in my head, it goes something like this...........
             It saved me. Saved me from my bad moments, celebrated my good and best ones, cried rivers with me, cleansed me, made me beautiful, showed me how to feel the rhythm, dance and move my body  and most definitely gave me hope that not all is lost and that good times lies ahead. So its  fair to say that music is truly my BFF. When I think of the time when I was a kid my memories always go back to the first band that captured my mind and my heart, it was U2.  I was 13 and I remember running from school to see companion rockumentary from their sixth album “ Rattle and Hum” in the cinema, no matter the consequences. Today I couldn’t be further from them, in fact you can say that hate is the word that pretty much describes what I`m feeling towards them. But like everything in life each moment in time brings you to another potentially changing one.  U2 brought me or better say introduced me to Bob Dylan. He remained a constant in my life and I was lucky enough to enjoy his music live numerous times all over Europe.  Around the same time I was caught up in the musical web of Pink Floyd, The Doors, Led Zeppelin….each one of them is another story, joke, laughter to tell. Back then it was a time of actually buying albums, precisely cassettes (yes it was that long ago and no I`m not that old), something that`s becoming vintage for the new generations. If you wanted to listen any kind of music you had to pay up. Although I traveled and lived abroad i didn`t get to see all I wanted to see so I started to collect albums, a lot of them and I mean A LOT. I remember one day seeing a poster for performance of Pink Floyd in Udine, Italy. The memory of that day is still stamped in my head like it was yesterday. Traveling by car with five of my friends, crossing the Italian border, police searching for pot and finally arriving at the stadion. At that moment it all came down to that  familiar feeling when you know that you are exactly in a place where you`re supposed to be. It was a cloudy day, but nothing could ruin our day, not even pounding of the rain which came heavily with the beginning of the first song and lasted till the end of the show. But our high on the ecstatic feeling of PF lasted much longer than the fumes of that previous mentioned pot. And then something completely different blew my mind. Beastie Boys! I guess you can say that some music speaks to you, and I mean speak in words you couldn`t begin to express yourself and yes, it was a love at first sight. And Body Count. And Cypress Hill.

           Moving from my familiar background to London only fed my music obsession more. If I thought that I liked music before this was a whole other level now. Back then London was THE place to be for listening great music live. OooooH and I was so listening it live all the time. That was when Nick Cave became my new favorite music guy, so as brit pop groups Blur, Pulp, Sneaker Pimps, Suede, Skunk Anansie, but when I think of my fav concert there then my mind has no doubt, Sonic Youth was THE BEST.

           Since I was becoming  a citizen of the world so was my BFF. So it was fair to say that what happened in London happened in Luxembourg as well. She was still my main focus, although I started to work in movie industry which came pretty close to my Nu.1 passion. Tricky, Massive Attack and Portishead joined my circle of music friends and since Tricky was kind of a regular due to the amount of brit people who lived there, he was the closest as well.  Among this great friends I discovered DJing, which gave me a whole new perspective to music world. Like I said before each moment brings you to the next, so after 3 foreigners years I decided to come back to the point of origin, my home, Croatia. It was probably meant to happen in that exact moment cause shortly after, I met the love of my life. Since my life was kind of linked through music it`s no wonder that I met a guy who loved music and film even more than me. He was into jazz, old hip-hop, funk, soul and once I got a look at his music selection it brought my horizons to music I`ve  never even heard before. I loved it from the start, so today whenever I bring my earphones to listen I end up choosing hip-hop most of the time. Yes, who would`ve of thought. On the other hand it can all be explain scientifically. I`ve discovered recently through my research that Montreal Neurological Institute proved that the pleasurable feelings associated with emotional music are indeed the result of dopamine release in the striatum. What it actually means in plain language is that music touches the same anatomical areas that underpin the anticipatory and rewarding aspects of drug addiction. Yes, it`s true and written in black and white, we are addicts! So everyone who experienced the joy of listening the same song over and over again (me!) is suffering from a sweet music addiction and painful withdrawal when the song run out from our system only to be replaced by another fix/song.
              So, you can say I came a long way from the girl who once thought U2 was her addiction which rocked the world out of her (and at the time it certainly did). Nowadays I think what`s great about music is that evolves through time same as us, but the feelings you have each and every time you hear a specific song, are bringing us back to a moment/feeling/scent. Instantly you are there, reliving it over like it was yesterday. That`s her legacy. The feeling. The Pleasure. The Motion. My BFF......

Here are some of my BFF`s;

1. J DILLA - no words can describe his music, I call it "speechless beauty"

2. MF DOOM - illest lyrics, supervillain

3. Q-TIP - best for dancing and mmmmmmm

4. MADLIB - few words man, but beats are crazy

5. COUNT BASS D - just love it

6. TOO SHORT - pimpin ain`t easy

7........... Dj Quik Scarface, Digable Planets, Snoop Dog, Ice Cube, The Notorius B.I.G, Outkast, Slum Village, 2Pac, Digital Underground, E40, Redman, Dr Dre, Bone Thugs-n-harmony, Cypress Hill, A Tribe Called Quest, Beastie Boys, Ol`Dirty Bastards....... and the list goes on and on, but at the end big tnx to another supervillain, George Clinton........

                                                                                        Personal story from the life of  Vesna Libric
                                                                                        Editing by Melina Marelja


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